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She resists all of his amorous moves, continually begging to be returned home.

He finally complies, but on her way home, she realizes that she has come to care for the sheik.

Continue reading Sometimes goofy, sometimes creepy, occasionally romantic but always entertaining.

Rudolph Valentino is a sheik who falls for an Englishwoman, Agnes Ayres.

Unable to resist the Sheik's cruel magnetism, Diana's defiant nature crumbles and she begins to develop affectionate feelings for her captor.

The Sheik plays upon a long tradition of Orientalism in Western art, which romanticized the sands of Northern Africa as a hotbed or seduction and captivity. Special Features: Audio Commentary by Gaylyn Studlar, author of This Mad Masquerade: Stardom and Masculinity in the Jazz Age and co-editor of Visions of the East: Orientalism in Film | Archival footage taken at Rudolph Valentino's funeral | Original theatrical trailer of Valentino's Blood and Sand (1922) This is my favorite movie.

The first film, “The Sheik,” was a very popular film and propelled him to renown, so he followed it up with “The Son of the Sheik” where he played both the father from the prior film and his son.“The Sheik” is about a young man who falls in love with an English woman whom he kidnaps without any feelings of love, only carnal interest.

He feels that “when an Arab sees a woman he wants, he takes her.” She doesn’t want to marry anyone, considering marriage, even among Europeans, captivity.

Valentino acted with vitality and became emotionally sad and angry as needed.

Although, besieged with the start of his illness, movie magic disguised his worn and inner frustration with his personal life quite well.

He is considered not to have been a very good actor, but he had great sex appeal.


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