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Teaching plans and resources developed by educators participating in an Archaeological Institute of America summer teacher’s institute.

Historic Jamestowne, Virginia is the site of the first permanent English settlement in America.

Project Archaeology Intrigue of the Past: A Teacher’s Activity Guide for Fourth through Seventh Grades.

Twenty-eight classroom tested lessons that use archaeology to teach science, math, history, social studies, art, language arts, and higher level thinking skills such as problem solving, synthesis, and evaluation.

History Beneath the Sea: Nautical Archaeology in the Classroom Nautical archaeologists study material remains, technologies, and traditions relating to ships and the sea.

Nautical archaeology is part of the larger discipline of underwater archaeology, which investigates all prehistoric or historic cultural evidence found in a wet environment.

Independence National Historical Park Archaeology: History Found in Pieces (1.81 MB) is a downloadable curriculum-based educational program meeting Pennsylvania and New Jersey Standards. Students take on the role of archeologists and piece together the stories of the buried past.

The lesson plans have students investigate primary and secondary history resources (grades 5-12).

There is three main categories that the artifacts fall under; pottery, bones and stone artifacts. An archeologist then uses artifacts that have been found to make a reconstruction the way people lived during that time period.

Archaeologists use two types of dating, relative and absolute.

Includes plans and curricula as well as suggested published and internet sources for those interested in incorporating archaeology into their classroom.

Many are not specific to Florida,or can easily be adapted.

Introduction Archaeological Site Location of a Site Gridding an Archaeological Site Excavating an Archaeological Site Bones Artifacts Tools Commonly found at a Site Pottery Firing Point Chart Glaze Chart Research (Dating) Radiocarbon Dating Potassium Argon Dating Dendrochronology Pipestem Dating Palynology Stratigraphy Seriation Archaeology is a branch of Anthropology.

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