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Again..internet is full of stories of people being involved with Filipinos in various situations including work..."nice good pinoys" who have been scammed and lied to.Indeed how would you know anything about me or my situation?

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They are pretty much the same as with the mentality of the people.

It will start when landing with the conning taxi drivers charging you 5 to 20 times the first ride.

I met a Pinay and like the other guys her I ignored the advice of friends, family and many stories I've heard of the years.

Short guy but covered with tattos andhe looked like he'd taken steroids to get to the size he was.

After all, it's no wonder both countries are now trying to eat one another.

But suggesting that the only scamming lying Filipinos are usually bar girls is total bullshit..frankly a cover story used by other Filipinos outside Philippines.

We got the bad news one evening and the boys drove to Queensland for the funeral some time after that.

My parents and my aunts and uncles, when they came to Canada, they lived like Canadians.

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