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If you are similarly situated, it’s best to collect design pegs that you can show them to give them an idea of what kind of look you want.[Photos of my make up session here] [Note: There’s also an option to have just one group to do both the photos and videos, you just need to look online] Ariel Novak – he is an Israeli photographer married to a lovely Argentine lady who not only takes great photographs, he also doubled as our unofficial tour guide with loads of excellent tips on where to go and where to eat.

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[We only survived because of Elba and Agustina who helped translate things for us! Queues in government offices are quite long so try to come early. Try to arrange for your photographer and other needs (flowers, hair and makeup, etc.) online before leaving your home country. There are plenty of them out there but I was told that Registro Civil Numero 1, the main one where we got married, is the biggest and nicest one. If you don’t speak Spanish, you need to have a licensed and accredited interpreter (traductor, in Spanish) who must be present at the ceremony 4.

When applying for a marriage license, get a number right away and wait for your turn (bring a book or something to entertain you). I was lucky to have met really great people for our wedding needs. Payment of ARS 80 (roughly less than US$10 or Php360.00) for the “libreta” (a small booklet containing information about the newlyweds and their rights and obligations as husband and wife, etc.) which will be given to you after the ceremony 5.

Please take note that queues are long so come early.

Also, you should know that their law prioritizes foreigners when it comes to setting the date for the wedding, and in case they don’t apply it to you, you should invoke the law to them.

Debbie mainly planned 90% of the wedding (including the dresses I wore, courtesy of Danz Lozano and Mylene Suva), and coordinated with everyone else, and all I needed to do was show up in Argentina.

[Photos here] Peinados y Make-up a Domicilio – between me, Jessica and Macarena of Peinados, the fabulous ladies who did my hair and make up were about a sea of words between us.I barely spoke Spanish, and Jessica knew a little English while Macarena, almost no English words.Despite the language barrier, they did a wonderful job.Blood test results take about at least a day (for a private hospital) and 2 working days (public hospital) before they are ready for pick-up. (The guy we talked to at the Registro Civil on our first day was dismissive about this requirement and told us only our passports were needed, but when we came back with all our documents, he started looking for that document and gave us 1 hour to produce it. After about 1-2 working days, you can pick up your marriage certificate. This amounts to USD 924.79 (official rate) or USD 615.00 (blue dollar) in Argentina, and about P41,000.Since it was impossible for us to do that within an hour, we had to ask for help from a nice lady named Silvina on the 5th floor, who gave us additional time to submit this requirement). You have to present your marriage license application form for them to write the result of your blood test on the form and sign their name on it. Make sure you have the following documents attached to your application for a marriage license when you go back to the Registro Civil. Here are the documents needed: a) your hospital test results (medical exam form) b) a photocopy of the IDs of your witnesses and traductor c) credentials of your traductor d) Acta de Constatacion from the escribania e) a photocopy of your passports (individually passports on each page, don’t photocopy them together) 5. Not sure if the rates were higher for some of the fees because we were in a rush, perhaps a longer lead time would have cut down some of the costs even further.In Registro Civil numero 1 (the main one in Uruguay street) where we went, the office where you apply for a marriage license is on the first floor.

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